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Essential services for lawyers by lawyers

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We screen our licensed and practicing experts to ensure they have exemplary credentials, backgrounds, and courtroom demeanor. Whether you need a case reviewed or an expert reviewer for trial, our medical experts are ready to help you as soon as possible.

Efficiently Evaluate Case Merits

Did you know that when you hire a medical or technical expert you can bill to file? Don’t waste time and money doing research on your own or hiring an “expert” from the Internet. Our experts will help you efficiently determine the merits of your case.

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Be well-compensated while expanding your knowledge about potential acts of negligence.

What Others Have Said

“I recently used a Medical Cost Projection Report on an MVA case. Client received chiropractic care, cervical MRI, and one epidural injection. The MCP report took into consideration all recommended future treatment for each provider. Normally, it would take an additional 3 or 4 epidural injections to obtain a $100,000 settlement. however, the report enabled our firm to obtain the policy with only ONE injection. “

Gabriel Sanchez, Esq.,
Los Angeles, CA