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Essential services for lawyers by lawyers

Tell us about your case

Defer payment until your case settles with approved SettlementPay application. Minimum order amount of $1,000 applies.

No longer spend your personal money on record retrieval, record organization, or medical experts. With SettlementPay you’ll receive interest-free funds up front to cover these burdensome costs. 

Cash flow issues during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has been hard on many of us, and as attorneys ourselves we know how expensive funding cases can be. That’s why we’ve created SettlementPay, a risk and interest-free option for covering your case costs. And the best part is--even if you lose your case, you’re not on the hook.

Zero-interest, risk-free funds

Most lenders charge compound interest, and if your case lasts for years, that’s tough on the wallet. MedQuest is one of the few consulting companies that offers zero-interest, risk-free funds up front--so you don’t have to be out of pocket.

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What Others Have Said

“I recently used a Medical Cost Projection Report on an MVA case. Client received chiropractic care, cervical MRI, and one epidural injection. The MCP report took into consideration all recommended future treatment for each provider. Normally, it would take an additional 3 or 4 epidural injections to obtain a $100,000 settlement. however, the report enabled our firm to obtain the policy with only ONE injection. “

Gabriel Sanchez, Esq.,
Los Angeles, CA